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June 01-02, 2019

The Second All-Ukrainian Forum of women-lawyers

SECOND ALL-UKRAINIAN FORUM OF WOMEN-LAWYERS How can you become visible in the profession to effectively represent and defend women’s rights? How are we talking? Can we position ourselves and our values? Key topics of the Second All-Ukrainian Forum of Women-Lawyers: Public and Internal Communication, Advocacy Campaigns for the Rights of Women, Visibility of Lawyers in the Professional Environment.

June, 8-9 2018

The First All-Ukrainian Forum of women-lawyers

On 8th -9th of June, 2018, the First All-Ukrainian Forum of Women-Lawyers on the topic “Women in the legal profession: achievements, challenges, and impact on the quality of legal protection” will take place in Kyiv city One of the most important topics which are going to be discussed this year is access to justice for women from vulnerable groups. Women who suffer from domestic violence, other gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and other forms of discrimination require professional legal assistance. Also, relevant legislation requires development and improvement.